F&E Management = Konfliktlösung + Qualitätsmanagement


Bernard Mayer (2000) in “The Dynamics of Conflict Resolution”:

Understanding conflict is basic to its resolution. If we seek to end a conflict, we must start by understanding its nature. What makes a successful peacemaker or conflict resolver is not a set of processes, methodologies, ot tactics; it is a way of thinking, a set of values, an array of analytical and interpersonal skills, and a clear focus.


Steve Tuffill in “What is the Definition of Quality Management System”:

Quality management is the single most important process in any organization, whether for profit, nonprofit or an organization such as a health-care maintenance organization. It defines the purpose of quality for the organization it represents. Quality management is often forgotten, but it guarantees the quality in output from any organization and exists as an asset that always adds value to it.

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