What is Reality?

  • Reality is what people strongly believe
  • Because everybody believes in somehow different things each person has a different picture of what is real. This is true in private but also in professional life. A leader must have good knowledge of all individual (and cultural) realities of those employees that he/she is directly leading. This is especially important in a global organisation.

What is Quality?

  • Quality is knowledge and awareness
  • Independent from the type of business or work it is true that quality is dependent on technical or scientific skills but also on the awareness of processes and behaviours involved (incl. cultural background, legal and ethical regulations, and the own power of judgement).

Why is a strong management commitment for a high quality level of such outstanding importance?

  • If high quality is the first priority of the management success comes by itself
  • If other parameters instead of high quality get first priorities then success is a matter of luck and sustainable success is impossible