Umgang mit Wasser

During the last decade the use of water has been reconsidered all over the world and also in this field the idea of sustainability has found its way.

Many cities and places make great efforts to show an own contribution. Keywords like reconstitution of watercourses, stream restoration within cities, separated sewerage systems, and improvement of quality of life for the citizens are key. In order to get this across also to the responsible politicians and officials in my hometown Darmstadt, I am investing a considerable portion of my free-time.

A particular focus in the international arena is stream “daylighting.” Daylighting is the act of removing streams from underground pipes and culverts, restoring some of the form and function of historic streams.

Daylighting can provide multiple benefits—tangible and intangible—for every Euro expended. These include improvements to the functional values of waterways and urban stormwater systems, removal of water from combined sewers, improvements to water quality, and more. Daylighting can improve aquatic habitat and provide “new” riparian corridors for wildlife. It can revitalize neighborhoods and increase property values. A good example would be to increase the attractivity of an intra-urban park or of a residential area.

In addition daylighting projects help educate children and adults alike about the workings and values of stream corridors in the urban environment. In doing so, they foster stewardship of natural resources and energize people with a sense of “setting things right.” This is why recovering a buried, out-of-sight and out-of-mind waterway leads to a real extension of awareness!

Engagement for water is engagement for life!



Die Wiederherstellung bzw. Offenlegung von Gewässern hat daher einen Mehrfachnutzen und jeder dafür ausgegebene Euro zahlt sich aus!


Unfortunately in 2009 this remained a vain attempt to raise the awareness and understanding of the city councillars. However, meanwhile our efforts had some success, as the city parliament decided in 2015 to continue the planning.


Since a long time there exists the wish to bring Darmstadt”s only little river back to the daylight. A first segment, outside the city center, but near to the University campus, has been realized (click on picture to the right).


In 1997 Darmstadt received the official title “City of Science“. With this title it is acknowledged that Darmstadt houses almost everything to claim the veracity of the theory.