Foto-Quelle: Die Karten Werkstatt, D-49214 Bad Rothenfelde

Source of photograph: Die Karten Werkstatt, D-49217 Bad Rothenfelde, Germany

Fortunately, most coworkers do a good job. They are doing what they are expected to do and often they do even more. They are cooperative, reliable and hard working.

Those that do even more than it is expected often are also nice colleagues. It is a pleasure to work with them. But there are also some “bad performers” who don”t achieve what is expected and quite often are not the most pleasant colleagues (no team player).

It is of course a pitty that from time to time also good performers do things wrong or even forget to do something important.

Key question: Why do coworkers fail to do the right work?

Answer: Because of a sub-optimal management.